Cleaning Incubator, Vacation, Humidity, & Temp

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    Four quick questions from someone who has never incubated eggs but now has an incubator.

    1. I'm borrowing the incubator. Do I need to clean it before using it? I've only seen once that an incubator should be cleaned out. It's styrofoam. So...what is the best way to clean it between hatches (if it needs cleaning).

    2. Do people set eggs and go on vacation? I've got an auto turner. My gut says it will be fine. But I'm also probably overexcited and just want to start soon. My brain says wait a while for a month until I'm back from vacation. (Not going on vacation for a month, but I'll be gone for a few days during the next month.)

    3. Tested my humidity monitor and it came out very good. Just one degree off. Anyway, inside the incubator, humidity sits around 50% with the temp at 99.5. This is good, correct? And when I want the humidity to rise, I know to add some water. But do I also plug a hole or two?

    4. I'm using a still-air incubator. While I thought 99.5 was golden, I have read still-air incubators do better at 100 to 102. Is this correct?

    Sorry to ask so many things, but I couldn't find a thread that addressed these questions precisely as needed.

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