Cleaning Incubators. Star-San?


8 Years
Mar 14, 2013
I also do some homebrewing, and have some spray on, no-rinse sanitizer solution that is used for about everything. Brand name is Star-San, and it is described as a Acid Rinse Sanitizer.

Some folks are pretty paranoid about their precious beer becoming infected, and sanitize all their gear with the stuff, it mixes with water, gets sprayed on and left, said to be a very effective cleaner.

Anyone used the stuff for their incubators? I have the stuff, seems like a option. Wondering if there are any negatives to it that are known?

What is the active ingredient and what concentration?

Most food based sanitzers get away with "no rinse" because of dilution in the end result. Just about anything that kills buggies and is water soluble will work, but I would rinse anyways to be sure to remove any residual.

Proper time for out-gassing would be the concern, defects and neurological issues with chicks would be the negatives.
So a phosphoric acid, and the dodecylbenzenesulfonic acid has a fairly short half life at full concentration.

Eh, no worries. Just give it a good rinse and you'll be fine. Don't let it sit on any metal parts though.

This is a heavy sanitizer made for the food industry and applied by minimum wage employees, hence the no rinse at 300 ppm because they want the continual sanitizing further down the process.

A good choice for a sanitizer, especially if it's already on hand. I'd apply, rinse, and let everything air out just to be sure.

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