Cleaning off poopy duck eggs for the bator ?


12 Years
Oct 30, 2007
How do you clean them? Ducks are so filthy. Should I just try using a brillo pad without water? Or is it different with duck eggs?
The bloom on duck eggs is really thick and I try not to scratch it as it protects the eggs from bateria, can you believe that the really yucky eggs hatch under momma ducks without a problem. To clean them up, I get a wet paper towel and wrap them up in it for a couple of moments. Then just use it to lightly wipe it off, leaving the egg clean and the bloom intact. I try not to use anything abrasive on eggs.
Thank you M.P. and Leslie

Well, I did clean them but I just used a washcloth and warm water. I hope that was enough. They werent as dirty as the goose eggs on MP's thread but still yucky enough to make me a little nervous.

They are all set in the bator now. I hope they hatch. They are Runners and a few Pekins

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