Cleaning old coop with Oxine


Fluffy Butt Nut
10 Years
Mar 11, 2009
Long Island, NY
Hi, I ordered some Oxine online to clean out an old chicken coop that was part of an old house we recently purchased. We are cleaning it in anticipation of getting our new chicks April 3. We will transfer them from their heated container in the basement up into the coop when they are feathered and ready.

This is my question: do I have to "activate" the Oxine or does it work as is from the bottle? The directions are not all that clear. I know once activated the solution is a more serious compound and that I have to or should wear a mask when applying it to the surfaces of the coop. So in all honesty, I'd rather not do that. But don't want to waste time doing something that won't even disinfect the enclosure.

And on another note, I am seriously wondering how I will keep pests out of the coop. I just saw a huge raccoon that ran under the coop this morning. And I'm pretty sure there are foxes and most likely rats living around here. Almost seems impossible to keep them all out. I will plug up any holes I see in the coop itself but I know all of these animals are tenacious and will be on the lookout for chicken feed and or the actual chickens.

Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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