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I"m not sure if this topic belongs here but this seemed to be the the closest index spot to put it. If this is the wrong place, just delete this post.

I thought there might be some small game hunters here in "Chicken Land" who might be able to help me with this issue.

When I clean a squirrel I just can't seem to get all the hair off of the carcass. There isn't much on there, at least not enough to bother me, but my wife thinks it's gross, and won't eat it if there is ANY hair on the carcass. Does anyone have any good suggestions as to how I can get all the hair off the carcass after I've cleaned a squirrel? When I clean a rabbit, the fur comes off a lot easier and I don't have this problem.

I put a rabbit carcass in with my chickens (after I cooked it for stew) and they picked the bones clean. I thought it was amazing how clean they left the skeleten.
that's about how I did it. I cut a hole in the back so that I could get my fingers under the skin then pulled the back to the back and the front to the front. Problem is that the skin comes off hard and then I have to pull the legs out, then cut the head (with the front fur attached). Somehow I get hair on the carcass. Is it that I"m just not taking enough care, and maybe trying to hurry to much?
Squirrels are hard to clean!! seems like that skin hangs on forever.

I use a pair of scissors to help cut the connecting tissues to free the skin when needed. Even so it takes me forever just to do one squirrel.

No other advice for ya,
sorry - good luck, and if you find the "magic method" then post it here... I'd like to know, too.
Hmmm sounds right so far i usually cut the feet and tail off cut a hole in the back pull apart and pull the skin over the head and then cut the head off being careful if i do get hair on it i soak it in salt water then rinse off with cold water usually comes right off.

Are you doing it when they are warm or frozen I usually do it when they are warm
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Thanks for the post. I had not thought of cutting the feet and head off before skinning a squirrel. That could help a lot. I'll also try cutting the feet off first the nest time I skin a chicken. That could make it easier.
I will take a propane torch and quickly burn any hair that may be stuck to the carcass after it is skinned. I use this on deer and it works great. Just do it quick and the flame will only burn the hair and not the flesh.
Try this...

Just a warning, it's a video that shows how to skin squirrels if that bothers someone.

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