Cleaning the top of a Breansa Mini


10 Years
Apr 7, 2009
I just hatched out some eggs from my breansa mini. Alot of the feathers and dust and dirt got trapped up in the top dome, and I dont' know what's the best way to clean it out. Any other mini owners out there with some advice?

(i don't know if this is how it's SUPPOSED to work, this is only how I do it)

I take the top and put it upside down (so the computer controls are towards the counter). You'll notice that there are four tiny screws that keep everything together. I unscrew all four, and then lift that plastic part (with screws still in their little holes) out and gently set it down. Then, I use a washcloth that's been wetted with soapy water (because I'm usually washing the other incubator parts in the sink at the same time) and carefully wipe everything down, trying not to get anything too wet. Don't forget to wash the top side of the plastic cover type thing with the screws.

Then, I carefully put the plastic separator thing back in place, making sure the wires that lead to the motor aren't being squished, and then screw everything back in place. Then tip it display side up so that it can dry.
I do the same thing but use compressed air in a can to make sure I get everything completely dried out after I'm finished cleaning. I also use a kitchen disinfectant instead of soapy water to make sure there's nothing to contaminate future hatches :)

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