Clear bubbles coming out of eyes, help appreciated

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  1. kota1369

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    Dec 17, 2009
    Kansas City, MO
    I recently brought my 4 chickens into the garage due to some seriously cold weather. We had a nice day a few days ago so I let them loose in the yard for a couple hours.
    When picking them up to put them away I notice one of the girls had clear bubbles coming out of her eyes. I have noticed her beard appearing to be wet from time to time,
    but have never really givin it much thought. Now, I am worried. The skin around her eye apprears whitish and her comb is pale. I listened to her chest and she sounds ok. I did see her poo yesterday and it was white and bubbly also. I am in a panic! My poor girl.
    Any help is appreciated. I love my birds and this worries me alot. The bird that is showing the bubbles was introduced to the other 3 about 2 months ago. She eats, drinks and lays just fine.
    Thank you
    The lady with the 4 dogs and 4 chickens
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    Aug 19, 2008
    I going to bump you up.. I had something similair happen to me last winter when I brought some inside. I think I made them sick. Ultimately they had to be put down. I am by NO means trying to scare you. But do there faces stink?? If they do, you may have a problem. I hope someone more knowledgable will help you! Good Luck
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    Jun 25, 2009
    The kind folks here pointed me towards Coryza when one of my girls had this affliction a couple of weeks ago. She's been on antibiotics (Baytril) and the other girls were on Durvet as a preventive and everyone is fine as wine now.
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    Until you have a solution, right away put a cold remedy tea in your daily fresh water (as the only choice of water) for all of the chickens exposed &/or with symptoms. It will help the upper & lower respiratory stystems to allieviate congestion. Traditional Medicinals has a great sampler box of "Cold Season Herb Tea Sampler" (use them all) or find something similar & can be found at a health food store or in the natural vitamin departments in some grocery stores; it's what I use for myself when a cold comes up too. The chickens will enjoy breathing better. Best wishes.
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    Common causes of chicken"colds":

    MG - causes Chronic respiratory disease. Bubbly eyes, wheezing, clear nasal discharge, swollen sinuses, loss of weight, feather loss, slow laying in hens,. Also MS - loss of weight and lameness
    Coryza - swollen pussy eye( typically on one side) yellow- clear nasal discharge, swollen sinuses, wheezing. - often has a very stinky smell about the face, and sometimes the back where they wipe their eye/ nose.

    Other diseases are less common - Newcastle, Infectious bronchitis and some others

    Most are contagious and can have a carrier state, where birds that recover can be carriers. Do a good disinfecting and watch your birds. A blood test can rule out MG/Ms and some others......

    Tylan 50 or LA200 injections work well in treating

    Best Wishes
  6. kota1369

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    Dec 17, 2009
    Kansas City, MO
    Thank you for your help. I am giving them tetracycline in their water and within 15 hours she got the color back in her face and comb. She appears to be feeling better and there is less moisture on her beard. I am afraid bringing them in the garage probably caused this, but I could not see my chickens out in 11 degree weather even if they do have a fairly draft free coop. I just recieved the heater for it so hopefully will be able to get them back in it this weekend. I just want to feel good about her health before I put her back outside.
    Thank you again. Any advise is appreciated as I am new to city chickens this year. I do have to admit........ wow! are they fun!
    The lady with the 4 dogs and 4 chickens
  7. simone jone

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    Jan 21, 2012
    North ga. in jasper
    Thank u. so much this was helpfull. i just got a hen as a biRthday gift. didnt think to much about tears somtimes
    just odd. and 3 days ago it was a bit off foam in her eye she is in side with meads. its so damp in noRth ga right now.
    2 chickens have upper resp. I HAVE 23 CHICKES LAST WINTER. i didnt loss any .but its been so damp i see it comming.
  8. CombatDiva

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    Oct 21, 2014
    North Carolina
    I just went through this myself recently and It ended up being coryza and it lasted about 3 to 4 weeks before it cleared up all the way. If i would have known exactly how to treat the condition right away i think it would have cleared up much sooner. We separated her from the other girls (because it is contagious) and started off with Duramycin in her water. That didn't seem to help much so we went to Tylan 50 injections and it worked miracles. We gave her .50 ml and waited about a week and repeated with another .50 ml. (might want to make sure of the right amount for your hens weight if you do decide to do injections)
    We noticed an improvement in her very soon after starting the Tylan. I am by no means an expert at this because this was the first time one of our chickens got sick but this is what we did and it really really cleared her up. During the time she was sick we would clean her eye gently with q-tips or soft tissue and apply vaseline or neosporin after wards.
    This is what she looked like while sick [​IMG]
    Hope this helps [​IMG]
  9. Harleychicks

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    Jun 18, 2015
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    I see its been a while since you posted this but do you recall the dose of tetracycline you gave them to clear it up? I have a 2 gal waterer.
  10. casportpony

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    Jun 24, 2012
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    The 800mg dose is no less than one tablespoon per gallon.


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