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    Apr 16, 2016
    Hello everyone! My chick we are guessing is around 7 weeks old. I have posted pics on here about what breed she may be. She is most likely a mix. She has not had weight, eating or drinking changes. Her energy is the same. Bumps chests with her twin etc. she is in a brooder that I keep very clean. She is also in an open indoor area next to the brooder for at least 3 hours. She is able to run and fly. She has access to clean water and organic starter feed at all times. She had medicated starter feed for 4weeks before switching to Organic 2 weeks ago. I raised their heat lamp up a bit last night and they all seem fine with it.

    I was holding her and all of a sudden I felt a hot liquid hit my hand. Clear. Doesn't smell. This is the first time I have seen it happen but I don't know about when I haven't been there.i have never found a puddle on the ground. I haven't noticed this with any of the other chicks. I gave them some pineapple and some yogurt about a week ago but haven't since. No other signs then the hot clear odorless liquid. It was at her head end not her tail end.

    What is the liquid? Should I take her to a vet or is there something I can do? Is she sick or no need to worry.
    Thank you so much for your help.
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    You may have accidentally squeezed her crop or tilted her forward, and if she had water in her crop, it could have come out. Chickens can vomit easy when tipped forward and down and the crop is massaged. Also when they are drinking, water, sometimes they can burp water back up if their head is down.
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