Clear plastic curtains/rollup shades for wind/rain protection of run?


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Feb 23, 2009
For the past three winters, I've used heavyweight clear vinyl shower-curtain-liners on all four sides of my run. The run is heavy gauge welded wire mesh installed on all four sides and the ceiling of a 9x15 foot wood frame. Vertical studs every three feet. The shower-curtain-liners keep out the wind and the rain and help to keep the winter temperatures tolerable as there is no wind-chill factor. It's a bit tedious removing them every Spring and reinstalling them every Winter. Each curtain is installed with many screws and washers fastening it to the wood studs.

So now, I'm looking into buying heavyweight clear plastic rollup shades that will remain in place, and I'll just pull the cord and roll them up out of the way in summer heat and then roll them down for the cold months. Do any of you use such rollup shades and know of a good source? I've been surfing the web looking, and found several. Have no idea as to cost.

Here's the kind I found:

The plastic needs to be clear to allow maximum daylight in the run, and also need to be tight and secure to prevent wind and rain from getting through.

P.S. No worries about ventilation; the ceiling is completely open to the air. There's clear corrugated roof paneling over the whole run to keep the rain from getting in from above, but the panels are raised up off the wire ceiling. So even when the curtains are in place, there is never any condensation.

Curtains off:

Curtains on:

The shower-curtain-liners I've been using are about 7 dollars each at Bed,Bath & Beyond. Each one is 6 feet x 6 feet, so 8 liners cover all four sides of the run, so $56 is the total.

Anyone using clear rollups for anything (greenhouse, patio windbreak, etc.)? Can you tell me where you got them and any idea about costs?
Like you I have used heavy duty plastic in the past. This year I am considering using clear tarps with grommets that I could just attach with bungy cords. (spelling?) The tarps are made for agricultural purposes and green houses so hopefully they would be strong enough. I will be watching this tread. Good luck.
Do you have a link for these clear tarps???

OP - I've used the clear, heavy vinyl "cloth" from fabric stores, and I've used the clear, corrugated roofing panels (on the walls). But like you said, screwing them on/off each winter/spring gets a bit tedious. My biggest concern with the rollup shades would be how well they resist strong winds (would they be flapping and making a lot of noise), or would they remain tight enough to resist....
Here is just one link:

These tarps are clear but reinforced with thread squares. I have also looked at totally clear tarps, but they don't look as strong to me. If you google "clear tarps" you will see other options too. Please note I have not used these myself so I cannot recommend them. I am still in the planning stage.
I use green house curtain material to cover the front of my coop in winter.
Not sure if it would work for you since it is not clear. I have a pole ran through
the material so I can roll it up and secure it at the top of the coop when not in use.
Been considering putting something around my coop to keep out the wind and rain as I am on the Oregon coast and we get a lot of that through the winter. Been wondering the best way to attach the plastic / shower curtain other than just stapling it everywhere.
WOW, love the run. We have a screened in porch that we do the same thing to, but for human use.

I made wooden frames that I attached the plastic to to make panels, kind of like storm windows. Then I just hang them in place using a few hooks, latches and weather stripping every winter, and remove every spring. No fuss, just need a place to keep the panels.

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