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    I read in another post that clear paneling can turn one's coop into an oven. We have clear corrugated plastic as the roof of our coop. Is that going to be problematic then? We thought it would let in light, but maybe it's not such a good idea?
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    In northern climes it might be OK... for a small part of it to be 'clear' plastic....lets in light.
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    Mine has white translucent roofing. Its also partially shaded by a big deciduous tree. My chicken door is also always open and chickens can go underneath the coop into full shade any time they want. I think its fine if its shaded in the hottest part of the summer, and/or chickens have a way to get out of the heat if it gets to be too much. Also, extremely abundant ventilation would help. I think having a lot of light helped my chickens begin laying right after Christmas and continue all through a very cold winter here.
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    Quote:one word for you: V-E-N-T-I-L-A-T-I-O-N

    Open er up wide and you should have little worry during the summer months.

    Besides chickens should not be hanging round in the coop in the daytime, anyway. Kick them out to the run by placing shelters and protected feed and water out there during daylight hours, and there is little worry.
    Sounds like it will be just the ticket in the winter, though.
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    whoo. Thanks! [​IMG] It's a playhouse-style coop, so it's shaded underneath the coop. And it's by the woods, so it won't be in the full afternoon sun. Yes, I will make sure it's wide open during the summer day.

    The run, however, is also covered by the plastic roofing. So it's not like they can entirely escape it. (Though I obviously realize the run will be quite cooler in that there's hardware cloth on the sides instead of wood.)

    I agree about the ventilation. We're working on it. I'm going to post pics later today -- with questions, of course [​IMG] -- to see if y'all think it's adequate.
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    We used clear PalRUF on the north side of the barn, over our run. I agree that using it on the coop itself might be dangerous for your birds. They also react to the sound of rain, and a conventional roof is more peaceful for layers. If the cooop itself is already roofed with clear material, you could always add a layer of opaque. I don;t think shade under the coop will be sufficient because the birds rely on the coop itself to be their *safe* place and during stormy weather you will want them *in*.
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