Clear runny noses, should I treat.


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10 Years
Jul 15, 2009
I have several birds with a clear runny nose. No smell, no sneezing, swelling eyes or any other sickly symptoms. They are eating fine, acting very normal. Poo is normal.

The nights here have been very cool and damp. Fog and a lot of dew in the mornings and I have had an open window in the coop. I have now closed the window. Just didn't think about the window being open till last weekend.

My question is should I do anything for these runny noses and could it just be from the cool damp nights.

If I should do something what should I do? If I need to treat I want to do it before it turns into something worse.

Thanks Steve.

I would separate the runny nose ones from the others and keep an eye on them for a few days just to prevent spreading if it does turn out to be something which I hope it's not.

Good luck!

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