Clear watery droppings from 5 week old chicks..should I be worried??

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    I know this question is asked quite often as I have searched it repeatedly, but I can't seem to find answers directly relating to chicks.

    I have 2, 5 week old chicks, a Belgian D'uccle and a black silkie, and they (mostly the silkie) have been pooping mostly water for the last few days. I have looked at the "poop pics" and it doesn't look like any of them. It's mostly clear fluid with little pieces of dark greenish/brownish solids. They are kept inside in a 3'x3' box lined with newspaper, and when they poop, it looks like water was spilled on the paper. They do have solid poops occasionallly, but not as often as they used to. They eat starter crumbles, but I have given them yogurt for the last couple days, also, to see if it helps (though I can't find anywhere how much they should have, they would eat it all day if they could [​IMG] ). Today we put a little mineral grit in the yogurt after I read they needed it to digest anything besides crumbles. But, it's even waterier than it was yesterday. We got vitamin powder for their water but I haven't given it to them yet.

    I know that clear, watery poop is often related to being overheated and/or stress. How hot is too hot at at this age? I had been using a heating pad under a corner of their box since they were 3 days old, I had turned it down to low last week, but removed it a few days ago. The room they are in is in the low 80's during the day. They have never been outside, could they have worms? Also, I let them out of their box a few times a day to socialize with me and play with each other (have done this since I got them). Am I stressing them out? I am leaving them alone tonight just in case that's it and it's SOOO HARD.... They seem fine other than the poop. Is their anything else I need to do? [​IMG]
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    Their poop is normal...really. [​IMG] My 12 wk. chicks poop the same way now and then. As long as they're eating, drinking, and playing normally, I wouldn't worry.

    I doubt they have worms either.

    Also mid 80's is a good temp for them.

    You're a great chicken mommy! [​IMG]
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    I was having the same issues with 2 of my 5 wk old chicks. My uncle said to feed them dry oatmeal to thickin it back up. It works great but only give it to the ones with the watery poo the others will become constipated if they eat it, and it makes for one un happy chick. I was worried about it as well because we transfer them to an outside enclosure during the day so I was afraid the going back and forthwas causing stress to m y 2 black sex links. turns out they are fine, tjey actually are up and waiting in the mornings now to go outside and then wait on thir perch in the evenings for me to open the cage and carry them back in. One has made it a point to jump into my arms instead of waiting to be picked up. We call her the kitty chick because she always wants to be in our laps when she is running free in the house.
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    Last August when I got four one-day-old SS pullets, I noticed two of them were pooping almost straight water. I also thought it might be caused by over-heating and raised the heat lamp. It made no difference.

    Today, at age eight months, those two pullets are still pooping mainly water. It appears it's their default poop style.

    They emit a distinctive "splort" sound when they deposit their puddle. Very little is of a solid form.

    These two are great egg-layers and appear healthy in every respect. I wouldn't worry about it if I were you.

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