Clearing blackberry brambles

Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by gryeyes, May 18, 2010.

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    A 10 ft by 15 ft section of my back yard is one huge blackberry bramble (which I neglected to prune or cut out last winter when it was all canes....). It's next to my chicken run. The chickens have been eating all the bits of green that managed to creep into their run.

    I've been hacking at it, listlessly, every weekend.

    Finally, I got a brainstorm: I enlarged the run to include the danged blackberry brambles! Did it just yesterday (Monday, one of my days off).

    D'yall think this will be an effective way to clear the growing bits, even if it takes some weeks? Anybody have any negative impressions of such an action? When I started free-ranging the chickens in the back yard about 3 weeks ago, they have been working on all the "easy" parts abutting the blackberry patch, but I keep them in the run during the week whilst I'm at work. There's nothing else green or growing anywhere else in the run, so I'm hoping they'll enjoy working in that problem patch.
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    Oooo, I sure hope it works! Woman, you are giving me ideas! Those darn things are trying to launch a hostile take over of my yard. Let me know how your birds do with, cause I sure am not winning that war.

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