Clearing Blocked Nares?

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    May 19, 2008
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    I have a 7 wk old astralorp pullet that i have been nursing through what looks like CRD. I've been keeping her warm and making sure she gets plenty to eat and drink. In addition, I've been giving .2 cc of Tylan 50 each day for 4 days and rubbing a little VetRx over her head and under her wings.

    She is eating and drinking normally, and her poo looks normal, but I've noticed that her nares (nostrils) have been getting crusty and blocked. I read on here that you can do a nasal flush by mixing Tylan 50 with water and flushing the nostrils twice a day, but I'm already giving Tylan. If you use it to flush the nasal passages, won't they absorb some of that medicine? Would there be a danger of overdosing?

    If flushing with the Tylan is a bad idea, is there something else I can use to clean out her nasal passages so she can breath freely? In a human I would just use a saline nasal drip, but I wasn't sure if that was safe for chickens.

    Or, would it be better to just leave it alone and let it clear up on its own?

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    Plain saline should work fine. I'd not double up the antibiotic/meds either...
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