Clicker Training Japanese Bantams

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    I'm SUPER excited!!!!!! I'm getting three day old black Japanese Bantams on March 3, and the suspense is KILLING ME!!! I'm going to be training my new chickens!

    Reasons I'm excited, and reasons I'm doing this:
    1. I tried clicker training before, but it was cut short when I found out my star pupil was a cockerel, and we had to rehome him... :(
    2. I am in 4-H and show at the county fair. Having these chicks be trained to obey cues and commands will be very helpful in showmanship!
    3. It will help tame them and be more like pets than last years chicks.
    4. I get to show off in the 4-H club, and at fairs and shows! XD Nobody else around here clicker trains their chickens!

    Things I will be teaching:
    1. Jump onto my arm. (Cue - holding my arm across in front of my chest and tapping on it with the other hand, maybe adding a cue word or sound as well)
    2. Give me a foot/shake. (Cue - holding out a hand like as if you were going to shake it's foot + saying "shake")
    3. Peck a target/where I point. (Cue - tapping with my finger on the desired target)

    Number one is the one I tried training my first chick. I had a measuring cup with oats in it and a clicker on top of the measuring cup's handle in my right hand. I would set him on a wood pallet about chest height, then hold my left arm out in front of him gradually farther and farther away. When he would hop to my arm, he would get a click and a treat! The Japanese bantams are great fliers, so they will be trained to jump to my arm from the ground.

    I realize that they aren't like dogs and don't react to cue words the same way, but combined with the hand motion, number two will be accomplished.

    Number three will be the easiest because this is one of the first things that hatchery chicks learn from humans, pecking!

    I'm so excited!!! I can't wait!!! I'll keep you updated!

    BTW, I made this account while I was clicker training the first trainee chick, that's where I got my username!
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  2. AraucanaAnnie

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    Wow! This is really cool, I'm interested to see your progress. My jap is pretty intelligent and probably would've done well with this had I known about this when she was a baby! Good luck!
  3. ClickerChick

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    Thanks! I'm super excited!!! (Can you tell?!?! XD)
  4. AraucanaAnnie

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    The wait is the worst!
  5. ClickerChick

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    Yup! Especially since I haven't had any baby chicks since September of 2012! But the wait gives me time to plan and get supplies. I'm thinking of getting some sort of belt pouch thing for treats. Either a treat holder (Petco dog section maybe?) Or for tool belts for nails (Home Depot!)
  6. I have a hen who I have been training, she is very smart! [​IMG]
  7. ClickerChick

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    What have you been teaching her?
  8. She knows her name and comes on my lap on command, I am going to teach her more once I think of more to tech her! :)
  9. ClickerChick

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    Cool, keep me posted! :p
  10. AraucanaAnnie

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    That's impressive! I tried that with my Midge once, and I thought she was getting pretty far until I took the reward away. Then she went back to ignoring me...:p

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