Clipping a Polish's head feathers?


May 20, 2017
i have 3 polish pullets and they can't see a thing in front or behind them. One of them is particularly bad and can't see half of her side view too! Can you clip the head feathers if so is there a special way to do it? Thanks!
I clip mine. They are also buff laced. My husband holds the hen, he sometimes grasps their beaks. I hold some crest feathers between my fingers and slowly trim them back. I use a pair of curved dog grooming shears, but I'm sure any type of sharp scissors will do. I cut mine back to a nice tight poof. They always grow some sprigs out, so it never stays neat. They can see, and are calmer hens. Repeat as necessary. I will clip them back a couple times during the molt too as it helps to remove the sheath from the feathers.
I forgot to add if you follow my link in my signature to my pictures of my flock there's a photo with 3 of my polish with their funky haircuts.
I had a sultan and clipped hers. I don't keep highly crested birds anymore though because I feel bad for them being blinded and what's the point of a crest if you have to cut it off? Love my appenzeller spitzhauben though.
I have 3 Polish girls... They do fine for the most part. One, the white one had such a large feather growth that her head looked like a wet mop from drinking water. She also had a hard time finding her way around with the limited tunnel vision. I took the bull by the horns (figuratively speaking) and trimmed the sides. Now she looks like a Young Teenage Punk Rocker, but can see her way around and when drinking, NO MORE WET MOP. This is before the barber service. I don't have a new picture after at this time, but will make one when I get home.

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