Clipping Guinea wings


8 Years
Apr 14, 2011
Hickory Withe, TN
Has anyone ever clipped their guinea's wings? I am a first time "mom" of fowl and I have three guineas that are close to being able to free range. They love to fly in their pen and we have lots of wooded area on our property, so I am concerned they will fly into a tree and not want to come back to the coop. Any ideas or suggestions are welcomed! Thanks.
letting them fly is a risk u take because sometimes they rather roost in the trees but if u clip their wings and let them free range they are so to speak,sitting ducks for anything with a taste for some dark meat. feed them only in their coop in the evenings and they should come home to roost. if u still decide to clip their wings u spread their wing out and cut half of their primary (first 4 big ones) off just below the second set of feathers on both sides. some times they can still manage to fly up to a tree and this needs to be done after every molt. ps. they love white millet and when u shake the container and they learn whats in it, they will come to u every time
GH...thank you so much for your response. I will give that a try first and hopefully it won't be an issue. White millet has officially been added to my shopping list!

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