Clipping Wings....?? My 4mo EE's flying!

Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by 2txmedics, Jan 14, 2010.

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    Jul 5, 2009
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    I have a flock of 30 total...Ive never had this problem, but my EE's that are 4mos old...I left them out to free range, which is new to me...I just let them out while Im Ive never done this Buffs 5mos old and my main flock of maran, ee, leghorn which are 9mos old....dont fly

    My 4mo olds, I let out and they go crazy, flying here and there and running!!! the other day it took me 6hrs to catch the last one!!!she went to the back of our acreage, which is wooded and high with grass....

    how do I clip there wings and which ones? without hurting or damaging feathers permanet???
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    May 31, 2009
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    If you had to chase them for 6 hours, you might try starting to let them out just an hour or two before bed. They will almost always want to return "home" for bed time, so they won't go too far away.

    In terms of wing clipping, it is best to clip one wing only. They can still fly pretty well when you clip both. As they get heavier they will have more trouble flying, but some EE's are good at it. I have one who never tries, and one that I gave away that roosts in trees, 40ft off the ground from what I hear.

    This might help
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    Yes, I can confirm that EEs can fly pretty darn good with both wings clipped, as can California Whites and to a lesser degree BAs.

    I also agree that they will naturally want to go back in once it starts getting closer to the end of day light time and that you can use that to your advantage. If they are out past dark, don't count on them coming until day break. They don't see well in the dark and would rather stay put.

    Another trick is getting them used to expecting treat time when each of you in the family calls them. If its just one of you they may not be as likely to come when called if its someone in the family calling that doesn't give hand outs. I mention it just in case for some reason the person they are accustom to feeding them isn't able to call them in.

    You'll get a kick out of them telling you, in no uncertain terms, that they want to be let out. My girls were quite insistent.
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    Jul 5, 2009
    Manvel Texas
    well our weather has been very cold and rainy, dark I was letting them out when the little bit of sun came out...which was mid day about 2pm....just so they can get sun and then putting them back in at like 4pm...but nope they wanted to act wild and run and fly....acting like SPRING BEAK AT THE BEACH!!!!

    so I go after that one, and DH is yelling where are you, behind the old trailer...way in the back, I yell...then I hear DH Say: WHAT!!!! DO U KNOW WE HAVE A WELL THATS OPEN OUT THERE NOT COVERED THAT ITS SO HEAVY IN COVER WE CANT FIND IT TO PUT A LID ON IT!!!!! DONT FALL INTO IT....ok, Im stuck out in the back acerage...afraid to move now, and my EE within eye

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