Clogged vent?


11 Years
Dec 29, 2008
Hello all, i have not been on in quite some time, but sure are glad your still here.
One of my RIR hens started acting strange a few days ago...hanging out in the nesting box...roosting on the floor, staying close to the pen when let out to free range.
I noticed yesterday that her backside was loaded with poop. today I put on a rubber glove and pulled at it and there is a bunch of it and it smells real bad. I probed around a little and really couldnt identify her vent. I am wondering if she has a buildup that is keeping her from pooping and leying eggs. I felt her crop and there was food in there and I watched her eating bugs, but I can tell there is something wrong. I have 9 RIRs and 1 barred rock. the girl im talking about is one of my largest and oldest at 3 years old. any info would be apreciated.
I picked her up yesterday and pulled at it and the smell made me gag. she seemed so unhappy. tonight she ventured around more that she has all week. how do you soak a chickens butt? they hate water. I thought maybe i would have to cull her, but my wife said she would hold her if i wanted to try and clean her up.
I'm having the same issue w/one of my three-year old sex-links. I'll be watching this thread, and I'll post again if I have any news.
you will be surprised how much a chicken likes a nice warm bath. and thats probably about the only way you'll get her completely clean. after you soak her in a nice warm bath, blow dry her on low. Then take some sharp sissors and trim those feathers around her vent so this won't build up again. I trim my girls feathers and it not only helps to keep them cleaner but you can see if anything is amiss back there better. Good luck and let us know how she is doing. If she is having gut issues you might want to feed her some kind of probiotic, good plain yogurt or buttermilk mixed into her feed or kefir. thats would get some probiotics into her.
I took a closer look at my chicken and she has a prolapsed vent. Off to search for advice.
Now I have noticed one of my girls has no feathers back there. just a big red ball, I have no idea if its just that her feathers have fallen off or if she has a problem. today the whole bunch of them ate bugs in the woods all'd never know what a mess they are.

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