Close call this AM

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    I have a Barred Rock bantam hen that has hatched and raised several nests of eggs for me. Her latest chicks are now 5 week old. They love scratching around in my garden. When they hear me approaching the coop they jump over each other to get near the door so they can dart out when I open it. Mom is protective and has taught them different calls for trouble from above and on the ground. She even has them trained to wait when I give them something new as a treat. She tells them to wait while she tests it and then gives the OK and they dive in. Impressive. Well, back to this morning......Within half an hour after I let them out I heard a commotion. My layers were upset. It wasn't the usual "come look, I've layed and egg". It was an emergency! I ran out of the house to see a coyote running away. I went to the coop to look for Lucky and her chicks. It seemed like an eternity but slowly one by one the six chicks appeared from different directions. They jumped up on the fence and huddled together, quietly not making a peep while I looked for their mother. I looked all around the coop and noticed that two of my sunflowers had been knocked over, and found a little pile of Lucky's feathers. My heart sank. I felt so bad. I would have given anything to start the day over. [​IMG] I don't usually let my chickens out so early but the chicks are getting big and feeling confined in their coop; I'm planning to move them to the big coop with the layers in about a week. We haven't heard or seen a coyote since last winter. My concern lately has been more about hawks than coyotes, so I guess I let down my guard. [​IMG] Well, there is a happy ending.............four hours later, my husband saw Lucky coming from about 100 yards away! She was walking, but we know she can fly so we assume she flew some distance and had a long walk home! Either that or she was hiding out until she was sure the coast was clear. Needless to say, we were all glad to see her and it was cute to watch the other chickens and her chicks welcome her back. [​IMG] They had been worried, too! Now I know why I named her Lucky. [​IMG]
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  2. Mattemma

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    Aug 12, 2009
    So glad to read the mom and chicks survived.Hopefully you can get the coyote before he does any harm.
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    I'll bet she went after the coyote, then drew him away from her babies. Yea for Lucky!! [​IMG]
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    Watch out! He will be back.
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    Whew...that was a nail-biter! I thought for sure Lucky was a goner, but am glad she made it through. Sounds like a good mama to have breeding.
  6. TigerLilly

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    So nice to hear a story like this with a happy ending!
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    So glad it worked out well!!
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    Lucky is very lucky!!!

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    WOW im so glad she made it!!! [​IMG]
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    sounds like mama had it all planned out [​IMG] . smart chicks to [​IMG]

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