CLOSED! DO NOT BID! 12+ Blue double-laced Barnevelder project eggs


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Due to the BYC "switch over" I'm closing this auction early. The top bidders have been contacted:)

FIRST TIME OFFERED!!!! This auction is for 12+ Blue double-laced Barnevelder project eggs. The eggs will be by a project Blue roo over purebred Barnevelder hens/pullets. This cross should produce 50% blue and 50% black. The resulting chicks should still be considered "projects" but I've made good progress in regards to type and lacing quality. For more pics/info please see my BYC pages at:

eggs are collected 2-3 times per day and only CLEAN eggs are selected. The eggs are then carefully wrapped in paper towel strips and bubble wrapped individually. The eggs will be packed with great care in a box surrounded with more bubble wrap and styrofoam peanuts. I have shipped eggs from Maine to Florida with good success rates. With this roo I've had nearly a 100% fertility (at the time he was covering 17 he's covering 14). The last hatch rate was 83+% . I cannot guarantee hatch rates due to handling issues by the Post Office. The eggs from this auction will be shipped on Tuesday Jan 17th. Payment will be through pay-pal.

Blue double-laced roo...sire of the eggs


Blue double-laced pullet sibling to the Blue roo (sire of the eggs)

Black double-laced pullet sibling to the Blue roo (sire of the eggs)

Chicks hatched on New Years from the Blue roo over pure hens. Except the splash chick which was the result of a "test" sibling cross.

Purebred Barnevelder pullet and cockerel produced from the same pen of barnie hens/pullets that the eggs will be collected from.

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I've worked hard to get this far...lot's of culling. I'm excited to see how well the project is coming along.

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Wow - gotta get me some of these some day! Beautiful... No hatching this Spring for me - other projects on hand.
I can vouch for Trisha's eggs and shipping quality though... Last March I received 10 Barnie eggs sent all the way to Maine. 8/10 hatched. Love 'em!
I only have 3 blue pullets and egg color does vary from pullet to pullet with some lighter and some darker. Here's a picture showing two of the pullets' eggs compared to my one of pure Barnevelder's. Variation of egg color is one reason I still consider the Blues a project though there has been significant improvement over the very light wyandotte egg color. The chicks from this auction will be 3rd generation.. cross the resulting chicks with pure Barnevelders and you'll get 4th generation with a very high % of Barnevelder blood. Each generation should improve in type, lacing and egg color.



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