Closed, red swollen eye - please look

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    Sep 2, 2009
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    Our poor girl has something wrong with her eye. We noticed it today, it is closed shut, red and swollen. My hubby caught her and upon touching it to see if something was stuck in her eye some pus started seeping out and a little also came out of her nostril. And quite frankly we can't tell if her eyeball is still there. We separated her from the rest of the flock. Here is a picture, her eye is closed shut and it is red all around does anyone have any ideas on what this may be and/or what we should do to help her? Can we put Neosporin Cream around the outside?

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    Jun 12, 2009
    yes you can put neosporin around the outside, make sure you dont use any neosporin with lidocaine in it, its poisonous to poultry. triple antibiotic ointment would help the best. but other than that i dont have any advice, but i can give ya a bump![​IMG]
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    Most of the time those symptoms are signs of a respiratory illness. Yes put ointment in her eye and also put her on an antibiotic, such as Tylan or LA200. Watch your other chickens as it often contagious.
  4. DillardHome

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    Sep 2, 2009
    Claxton, GA
    Thank you both for your help. We put the Neosporin on her last night. I just checked on her again, and this time her eye is partly open. Thank goodness her eyeball is still there we weren't sure at first. So I hope this is a sign she is getting better. [​IMG] I am checking around for someone local who carries the antibiotics suggested. Thanks again, this site and its members are lifesavers. [​IMG]
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    May 15, 2009
    Tylan powder that is water soluble can be purchased at you should treat the entire flock. tylan is the best for respiratory infections.
  6. dukecitychick

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    Mar 26, 2009
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    Just make sure there's no awful smell associated with the discharge - if it's putrid, that's a sign of coryza. We're dealing with this right now. Is she breathing OK? Eating?

    Be aware that water-soluble Tylan may not work if she's not drinking. We've been using the injectable Tylan-50 (1cc/day subcutaneously) for a week with little effect, but at least we know she's getting the medication. We are also mixing the Tylan-50 with water (12 cc's water : 2 cc's Tylan) and using that to flush her nostrils and the one swollen eye. If you do that, use a needle-less syringe and hold her head down a little so when you squirt in the nostrils it will come out the front of her beak instead of going down her throat (injectable Tylan isn't good for them to eat, apparently). For the eye, pull the bottom eyelid down with your thumb and squirt a little of the Tylan solution in there.

    I would also encourage you to do a little more diagnosing if you can, to figure out what exactly she has and whether she will remain a carrier if/when you reintroduce her to the rest of your flock. Even if that doesn't influence your decision about whether to treat/reintroduce, it may influence how you let other chicken owners interact with your birds and precautions you take when visiting other flocks.

    Good luck!
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    it looks like her nose has a plug also in this picture you need to pull that off as well, and be ware it is going to leave a big hole. i really dont know anything else you have a lot of good info here already

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