*Closed - they've found a home* Two young BBS Orpington roosters in need of re-homing - can go to se

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    Aug 22, 2011
    Hi everyone!

    Unfortunately, I need to find my two Orpington roosters new homes ASAP [​IMG] In my area, we aren't allowed to keep any roosters because of the noise, and they've recently started crowing (loudly!), otherwise I would gladly keep these two guys!

    Both of the boys are a little over 6 months old - one is splash colored, the other is blue; I hatched them myself in early September. The pictures I've included are not recent (I think I took them when they were around 3 months old), but even as chicks you can see how handsome they are! Both are very friendly and will gladly sit on my lap or rest in my arms [​IMG]

    I live in Somers, CT - but you could also pick them up in Rocky Hill, CT - whichever is closer for you.

    It would be fantastic if both of these guys could go to the same home, but it's not necessary.
    All I really care about is finding these two a good home, a place where they'll be loved and cared for :) Please PM me if you're interested!

    Thank you,



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    May 20, 2012
    Are they still available?

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