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9 Years
Jan 22, 2011
East Central Georgia
** BUY IT NOW ** 12+ F2 Olive Eggers for $18

Priority Shipping+ Tracking is $16. Payment is by paypal.

I have up for sale 12+ F2 olive eggs .

I have 2 pens of F1 olive eggers.

Pen#1 F1 OE hens are in a pen with a French Black Copper Marans roo to produce a deeper, richer olive egg, but there's also a chance of getting a coffee-brown egg.

Pen#2 has F1 OE hens are in a pen with a Wheaten Ameraucana roo to produce a mossy green egg.

Because shipping and incubation are beyond my control, I cannot guarantee your hatch, however, I will pack and ship carefully, wrapping each egg individually, and double boxing. I pack like how I would like to receive them.

Thanks for looking.


Pen #2

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