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    Jun 14, 2017
    i have this 1.5 year old chicken who started making this weird sound yesterday no other symptoms that I can tell.. thinking it was respiratory I seperated her, gave injections of Tylan yesterday & today and no improvement yet. Now I'm questioning myself.i can't get the video to load :(
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    Can you post your video on YouTube, and then post a link here? I answered on one of the other threads with some suggestions. I would take a flashlight while someone holds the head, and look inside her beak and throat for anything out of the ordinary. It sounds like she may be wheezing, but stridor is a sound that can be made when there is something (a foreign body, tissue, or mucus) partially blocking the airway, and is heard both on inhaling and exhaling, and is a high pitched sound. If it is a respiratory infection, the Tylan can help, depending on the bacteria. How much Tylan are you giving? 5mg per pound 2-3 times a day is an average dose, but can be increased.
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