closing birds up at night

Takilma Joya

6 Years
Sep 8, 2013
Our two youngest hens, both Americanas, insist on roosting on the ridge of the coop roof, about 7 feet above the ground. We have clipped their flight feathers, and somehow, they still manage to get up there, night after night. Does anyone have any suggestions on how we can get them to go into the coop in the evening like the other hens do? We do not have a rooster to herd them in.
When mine did it, I would go out at about the time they would be starting to think about going to roost, and physically grab them, put them in the coop, and lock them in it before they had time to fly up there. If you repeat this enough times, they should get the idea and start going in on their own.
I'd try lightly spraying them with water, like a mist, when they get up there. If they don't like it (mine hate their mister) maybe they will start associating roosting up there with getting sprayed and they will stop.
Thanks for the response. The problem is, when they fly up to the ridge of the coop roof (well before dark), some of the other chickens are not yet inside, so we can't close the door. I have tried putting them into the coop before they get on the roof, but as long as the door remains open, they come on out. When the remaining chickens finally go in, the two young ones are perched up high. So frustrating!
I just saw the post about misting the hens when they get up on the roof. I may give that suggestion a try! Thanks!
I have one pullet, a Sliver Laced Wyandotte, that roosts on the roof of the coop. It's about 12 feet off the ground. She was roosting in the run on top of the nest box until I blocked it (foolishly) thinking she would go into the coop on her own but she decided the roof was better. Being out during the night is not an option so now we have a ladder set up to get her down every night and she sleeps alone on the lower roost while the other hens roost on the top roost.

We do have one mean hen but all and all they get along pretty well. There is some chasing but very little pecking. She is not the low chicken but she is timid...I and going to try spraying her but have resigned myself to the situation but I hope it doesn't snow for the next few winters.
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