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  1. maine egg man

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    Jul 12, 2008
    I have 7 pullets for now, when I built them the coop my 2 lt bramas use the roost I made for the and the other 5 roost in the rafters I know from reading post from other BYCers they dont like change, but I have just finished there run and was going to use the left over wire fenceing to close off the rafters so they all can sleep on the roost. the roost is 38 inches long and 3 levels high
    so i think there is room for all of them
  2. SussexInSeattle

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    Oct 6, 2008
    Is there a question here? I am not seeing one. I know it can be aggravating when the chickens don't see the vision that you have in your head as to how everything should be after you have slaved to make a cool home for them.

    My first set of babies used to try to roost on the ground in the barn right where the high traffic area is for rats to enter. Talk about an easy midnight snack! They finally learned to roost and I encouraged them to go as high as possible Because of the rat problem.

    But then they chose the rafter right over the barn door and I didn't like that for 2 reasons, the 'seagull affect' and that when winter would set, they would be right in the draft coming through tiny cracks in the facade. so a perching type board was removed there so it only left them a flat ledge so they moved to a new middle rafter.

    Next they roosted right over their hanging feeder and shat in it all night. That wasn't going to work obviously so I hung some chicken wire over the rafter, over the feeder and they moved over. It's still not ideal but the worst of my problems are fixed. And I know if I get a meaner predator that likely some of them will survive.

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