Closing up the coop at night?

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  1. stinkyshermy

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    Aug 13, 2016
    San Diego
    We have urban chickens, with, what we hope is a predator proof coop/run (hardwire dug under dirt, which is under pavers that the edge of the run sits atop).

    Do we need to close up the coop at night? Or can we leave the door between the coop and run open at night?

    The chickens get restless, around 6:30am, nothing bad, just chirping, and the coop is in a spot that is a bit too close to our neighbors fenceline than code would like. We can move the coop, but would like to be good enough neighbors so that the folks next door don't notice and complain.
  2. CluckerCottage

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    a wise old farmer once told me that there is no such thing as a predator proof coop/run.
    that being said, keep the coop door closed when they go to bed.
    if they are ready to come out of the coop when the sun comes up, let them out so they don't chirp and disturb your neighbors.
    or you can invest in an automatic pop door on a timer.
  3. seanengler

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    May 23, 2010
    Central Coast, CA
    Great idea with the automatic door timer. I grew up with our chickens as my alarm clock as they wanted to be let out. Now that I'm older and wiser (sort of lol) I invested in the chickenguard automatic door opener. Seriously the best $150ish I've ever spent. It functions off a light censor or timer, or both. It's great for early mornings and evenings where closing the door might slip your mind. The best price on it is buying it directly from ChickenGuard, even though they are located in the UK, it still got to me in California in 3 days with their cheapest shipping option.
  4. Ballerina Bird

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    Aug 29, 2014

    Totally agree --- an auto door is money well spent, I think.
  5. Folly's place

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    Sep 13, 2011
    southern Michigan
    If your run is really very safe, leaving the coop door open is fine. Mary
  6. SueT

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    May 27, 2015
    SW MO
    You didn't mention a roof on your run, I assume it is covered? My daughter in Portland Or has seen raccoons, possums and skunks in her yard. There have even been coyote sightings. She doesn't have a covered run but does lock her hens in the coop at night. Dogs and even some cats are also threats...
  7. PingoBags

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    Jun 27, 2016
    Nova Scotia, Canada
    I just made a small addition and added a secure run.
    That way they can let them selves out.
    The new door I added doesn't even close. The old door leading to the open run fully locks.
    I also added a 20" apron around the run.
    This is a video from the first night. She never tried breaking in but I don't think she will succeed to be honest.

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  8. dpriest

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    Mar 1, 2016
    I have a covered run and my coop door stays open 24/7. They are free to the run anytime. Only my roo goes in the coop at night though, I have 6 lady's that all roost out in the run at night time. And with them out at night I have had no issues yet. Just waiting to see what they do come winter time.
  9. BruceAZ

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    May 18, 2016
    Valley of the Sun :)
    it will depend on your area--

    i live pretty close to a city downtown area.. with 6ft concrete wall surrounding the houses around here

    i tried various things..

    now.. i don't even close the run's door at night anymore

    my hens will go in and out on their own each day..
  10. iamele

    iamele New Egg

    Jun 2, 2016
    new to chickens, I have 4 urban chickens with coop and covered run, while we are not in town ( more out skirts, rural ) I leave my door open 24/7 come winter I may start closing for heat control otherwise I think they enjoy the freedom, as long as you are fine with the off chance your whole flock may disappear, and that's a risk your willing to take. I found my girls are much happier having the door left open, and stops the pecking out of boredom waiting for you in the morning.

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