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  1. rilly10

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    May 18, 2010
    Pottstown, PA
    I am having my first baby this November and an looking in to all of my options for diapers. I am really wanting to cloth diaper but want to get some opinions from people who have used them. So if you have, do you have any recommended types, washing tips, pros/cons, anything for a clueless mom to be who wants to cloth diaper???

    Incase it matters...I am not yet sure if I will be stay at home full time, but that is what we are thinking. We have well water (hard) and our own septic.
  2. ChooksinChoppers

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    Mar 24, 2011
    Ocala, Florida.
    I am originally from Australia and we used cloth diapers for years before disposable ones came over there from the USA..I loved them and always (for poopies) swished in the toilet and then soaked in a bucket with this stuff You might notice the The active ingredient is Sodium Percarbonate 25.7% and I am sure I have seen how to make or get this stuff somewhere. probally on (making your own washing detergent) Then a reg wash in the machine and hung on the line to dry (dryers are still too expensive over there) I am not sure if you can get them here, but we used plastic pants to go over the diaper to prevent soaked bedding and laps! If not I can (if you can sew) show you how to make some.
    Another item I really loved for my babies was a sheepskin slept on it all the time and kept them cooler in summer and warmer in it was snuggly enough to make them feel secure.
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    Feb 2, 2011
    I just wouldn't want to be the one using the laundry machine next [​IMG]

    And ChooksinChoppers (Mom)... No trying to exercise grandma power one day on this subject! [​IMG]

    JK! [​IMG]

    Now for something towards the idea of being helpful, op.... Have you seen that Dirty Jobs episode with the cloth diaper company?
    They provided the cloth diapers and a routine service of picking up soiled diapers, dropping off clean, and laundering the diapers... all done elsewhere so you dont have to look at whats in them! [​IMG]

    I don't know if you might have a company like that local... but maybe??
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  4. ChooksinChoppers

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    Mar 24, 2011
    Ocala, Florida.
    I wouldnt want my baby wearing other babie's diapers [​IMG] AND after they have been rinsed and then soaked overnight they wouldnt be any "dirtier" than your clothes to wash in the machine...sheesh kids! [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Ever heard of saving money?
  5. Heiko27

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    Jun 16, 2011
    So I use cloth diapers on my kids right now.... I prefer the old "thirsties" that are just shells and I use the prefolds with it. Brand new they are expensive. I bought four used ones on ebay and they are great. I did find a new thirsties that have snaps and like those but the velcro is good too, it just wears out faster. Thirsties have some where one size fits all (or did) but I think now they have two sizes. I like size 2( the bigger one) for my newborn, and they have extra adjustable snaps for it. He had a size 1 but outgrew it so quickly I determined size 2 would have been better all along.
    I did buy some off ebay from china that were just a couple of bucks and new. but they completely false advertised as I only bought them because I wanted the leggings adjustable and the ad showed a pic and said they had them. Lies. I really like thirsties too because of the extra leg gussets- really helps with blowouts. The ones from China did come very adjustable and they were pocket diapers with their own inserts. They do ok but I prefer to just double two prefolds for my youngest as he is a heavy wetter. I don't even bother putting the prefolds in the pockets that are made of soft fleece though- too much work, and most of the time the shell doesn't get poopy or just a bit.
    And I just do the old toilet rinse thing even though it sounds gross, just swish and throw it in the pail. I keep my toilet cleaned and I like to have water in the pail or it seems to stink more. There is definitely a lid for it. I add a tiny bit of bleach or baking soda or wash detergent or a combination for it to soak in. Then I just wash with detergent unless it really stinks- then maybe just a little bleach. Many people of course have their own opinions. And with that I do a small batch everyday (most days) and dry them right away. Drying in the sun seems to help with any residual smells and stains too, but I don't really worry about staining a rag that is going to be on their butt. I just want it clean. Well hope that helps! [​IMG]
    Oh and I will only get water proof shelled ones. The fleece only ones and such leak a lot more.
  6. Skittlez

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    Jan 29, 2010
    I used cloth with both my children. I started with a diaper service, but they went out of business and never picked up the last bag. So I washed them myself. Dump the solids in the stool, let soak in a pail with a little ammonia (couple cap fulls) use the non-sudsy kind. The ammonia breaks up the particals and they come cleaner. I used vinegar in the rinse cycle, makes the diapers very soft. I also line dried. You can get plastic pants or covers to keep from leaking. You will find you change the baby more often than disposables. If you use pins, stick the pins in a bar of soap first. They go through the fabric much easier. The big downfall to cloth is most people have never used them, so sitters and some family members had to be shown how to use them. Some daycare and schools won't use them. I had people critisize me for cloth, but I didn't care. It was actually cheaper for me to use cloth. When the baby is out of diapers they make fantastic cleaning and dusting cloths. I still have a box of them I use to clean and my daughter is now a teen. Go with the heavy duty ones. They are more expensive, but last much longer than the thin cheap ones.
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    Feb 24, 2009
    far west Ohio
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    Feb 23, 2011
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    Make sure to use vinegar to cut homemade laundry detergent buildup. It makes things waterproof. [​IMG] LOL

    Cloth diapers are excellent--I made a few for my son and loved them. You can make your own or find forums dedicated to that sort of stuff and buy other mum's diapers. They are clean, they make and sell them and you're helping out a poor momma!
  9. rilly10

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    May 18, 2010
    Pottstown, PA
    Has anyone used brands like bum genious or rumparooz? I am thinking I like the all in ones. They seem easier and some even have liners to make washing easier.
  10. rilly10

    rilly10 Clover Field Farm

    May 18, 2010
    Pottstown, PA
    Quote:Thanks! I am going to look into the sheepskin rugs too! That sounds soooo comfy!

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