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  1. Im looking up Cloth diapers online but not sure exactly what I want. Anyone can recomend a good website for cloth diapers? Iknow of but what else is out there?

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    When I was pregnant with Steven I bought a ton of cloth diapers, really nice ones, from Amway! After 4 days of cloth diapers I discovered they made great burp towels and bought disposable! LOL,, are you looking for a service that cleans them too or just to purchase them?
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  3. I just want to purchase them. I have seen some that are like $16 for only 1 single cloth diaper and Im like [​IMG]
    I just found and found the econobum package containing 3 diapers covers and 12 linens for less then $40. Im thinking about buying some a little at a time. Mom told me it doesn't matter how many covers you got, just make sure you have alot of LINENS. Covers nowaday are snappers or velcro so that's good and they are mostly 1size fit most which is a +
    I always wanted to do cloth diapers, dont know why I never had the chance. This time I ain't taking a step towards the disposable. Thinking about changing Lily to cloth as well. [​IMG]
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    My daughter makes and sells diapers. What she hasn't sold she raised her boys on and now she's making underwear and swimdiapers. You can get to her diaper swapper ad from the link in my signature line.
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    It has been 10 years but I bought motherease diapers back in the day. I still have them in the closet. I also used hour-glass shaped ones that I bought from a mum online.Those were good when my little ones were newborns and did not crawl yet.Lol,I still have those too.Fleece diapers were starting to be all the rage back then. Oh and I actually found some expensive diaper covers at goodwill once in a while.I would recommend buying a few types before investing in a lot of one kind.

  7. I liked Kushies All In Ones, pretty cheap, and just as easy as disposable ones. Also, for night time or naptime, I used prefolds with fleece covers... You can also make cloth wipes with an old flannel sheet or pillowcase, that way you don't have to pick the dirty wipes out of the diaper before washing.
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    Make them! they are really easy to make and way way way cheaper - there are patterns that are exactly like the expensive ones but you will save tons.
    I made a bunch for my youngest with velcro and the whole works - if you have left over recieving blankets you can use these on the outside to make them "cuter" you can also use cheap shower curtains for the outside vinyl material if you make them that way. I just made them cloth and then bought the little plastic over thingys for them
    or go to the second hand store and buy a bunch of recieving blankets for cheap and make them or wait for a sale on the fabric at the fabric store. I found if you buy them you really have to have alot of money up front.
    cause they are not cheap.

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    Check out and search for diapers. Beautiful things for not too much money over there. Good luck!

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