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rebel yell

9 Years
Jun 27, 2010
I only hatched 1 of these chicks & it caries the chocolate gene & look whats going on with its feet I'v seen this before from the chick being in the egg so long, but they would strighten out sooner of later, but this one is takeing alot longer, yall think it will strighten out or will it stay that way? Thanks, Rebel

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10 Years
Dec 2, 2009
I have a hen with feet similar to this although not quiet as bad. I actually got her whilst she was a 12 week old chick and she staggers about rather than the usual chicken walk. She gets along fine with the problem she lays every day in summer and potters about with my little bantam hens. I got her too late to try and recitify the problem so sorry dont know if it can be sorted. If its the same birth defect as my hen though she should cope OK. Really depends if you only keep normal hens or you are happy with the odd special needs girls. I love them all the same

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