Clubs of feed smell like Ammonia?

Florida Bullfrog

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May 14, 2019
North Florida
Today on a out of state trip I stopped by an Agg Supply. We don’t have those stores in my part of Florida so I checked them out and bought 2 bags of Southern States Sporting Bird Starter. Basically high protein for my guinea keets. When pouring the first bag into my feed bin I noticed it had a smell I wasn’t used too. Not what I’d call moldy or fermented. “Weedy” maybe, as if it was made of fresh greens or soybeans. And there were clumps of feed dust that when I smelled them, smelled like ammonia. I opened the second bag and it also had a unique smell but not one I can place. The second bag also had some feed dust clumps but without the strong smell of ammonia. No sign of visible mold on either bag.

I’m at a bit of a disadvantage because it is feed from a store and brand I haven’t used before. I’m most concerned about the ammonia smell. Can anyone think of a legitimate or positive reason the feed would have clumps day that smell like ammonia?

Unfortunately, I live too far away to take the feed back. If it isn’t good for my chickens, it will become expensive compost material.

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