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    Hey everyone! Welcome to our chat thread,here we can talk about all kinds of fun stuff! All are free to join at any time, all BYC rules apply, and if you need help or want to ask a question,ask @Cluckcluck1215 @earlybird10842 @Fluffers on the thread or by PM.
    This thread is just random and for fun, and for random conversations! Keep it weird,
    Cluckcluck, Earlybird, Fluffers
  2. Hello, Fluffers! Just writing some book reviews. You?
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    Fluffers Chillin' With My Peeps

    fffinishing up geography, my computer is being werid and wacking out
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    Hello!this is great fluffs!im righting a new book.check it out:

    .its called 'A Way To Hearts'.there is a group of young kids(13-20) and they have odd powers and they can shape shift.if you are wondering what 'shape shift' or 'shapeshifter' means, what it means is, Basicly like were wolfs, foxes Ect. It's kinda like that but the humans can shift into any animal they want to(such as, Nicole can shift into a fox, that's it)but there not were animals.and they also have powers and no one but them and 'The Hearts' and 'The Outsiders' know about, not there parents, not there cousins, nada.just themselfs and there friends like them.

    You must be wondering what 'The Hearts' are.what they are, is they are a camp of people like the kids.they live far, Far away from earth.in order for the group of kids to find them, they must travels millions of miles away and be transported from earth, to 'The Outsiders Land'.'The Outsiders Land' in a land beyound 'The Hearts' camp.'The Outsiders Land'is were 'The Hearts' hunt.'The Outsiders' are people, animals or Mythical creatures that choose to live outside of 'The Hearts' camp.they are quiet friendly expect for a few, like the Under Worm.its a giant worm that wants to you.(nice, Uh?lol)

    Here are the characters so far:
    The kids
    Name:Acorn Leaf Pine
    M or F?:Female
    Personality:tough and cold hearted at times but she does show kindness
    What Animal Is S/he?:Bald Eagle
    Human Description:pale skin with green eyes and red hair.she wears a dress made brown and black feathers.
    Animal Description:A White Head and Tail With a Brown Body and Yellow Legs.
    Pet:a White Chicken Named Harreit
    Owner:My sis

    Character 2
    Name:Jay Emrald Arsk
    M or F?:Female
    Personality:Kind, Quiet, Hates being called names, determend.
    What Animal Is S/he?:Fox
    Human Description:She has green eyes and black hair that is down to her waist.she wears a necklace made of Red Fox Fur with a Emrald green gem in the middle.she wears a red anD white fox like skirt with a black shirt.
    Animal Description:she is red with a white tipped tail, with black legs and muzzle with a black chest and forhead.
    History:Most Of it is hidden but she was blind when she was bron but she can walk and everythingOK.
    Powers:future related dreams, plants, water.t
    Pet:A 1 Year Old German Shepard Dog Named Elly

    Character 3

    M or F:Female
    Personality:tough and quiet
    What Animal Is S/he:Black Bear
    Human Description:she wears a Indigo dress and she has black hair with green eyes and a bear fur necklace with one bear claw in the middle
    Animal Description:regular black bear
    Pet:a frog named jewel
    Powers:poisin feathers
    Owner:My sis

    Character 4
    M or F:Male
    What Animal Is S/he:Blue jay
    Human Description:short black hair.with yellow eyes
    Animal Description:regular
    Pet: fish named golden
    Powers:mind reading
    Owner:My sis

    Character 5
    M or F:Female
    What Animal Is S/he:Dolphin
    Human Description:light Brown hair with blue eyes.sge wears a dolphin necklace
    Animal Description:regular bottle nose dolphin
    Powers:controlling darkness
    Pet:a black cat named raven

    Character 6
    M or F:Female
    Personality:Kind, shy, quiet.
    What Animal Is S/he:Chicken
    Human Description:she has cinder gray hair with streaks of white and amber eyes.she wears a necklace made of gray and white feathers.her cloths are a skirt and shirt witch are gray and white
    Animal Description:a Gray and White Easter Egger Chicken
    History:she was once in a flock of hens.she later relized she was a shapeshifter and decided to leave so she left feathers every were trailing into the woods making her farmer belive she was taken by a fox.she then met the girls and joined with them.
    Powers:riseing creatures from the dead and making stones creatures alive
    Pet:she has a pet hedgehog named LuLu

    Character 7
    Name:Alexandra(also know bets as Amari
    M or F:Female
    Personality:kind, bold, funny, smart
    What Animal Is S/he:Chicken
    Human Description:she has long brown hair and green eyes.she wears golden and black feather earings
    Animal Description:she is a golden Campine chicken.
    History:same as cinders.she is her sister
    Powers:lightning, mind reading
    Pet:A parakeet named Kiki

    We still need 10 Outsiders and 11 Hearts.we have none of eather.jsut the kids.if you could give some name suggests that'd be great!
    Also, the kids and 'The Hearts' and 'The Outsiders' need to have something on them that represents the animal they shift into in order to shift.
  5. Sounds like fun! Shoot me a PM if you want to talk writing in-depth.
  6. Cluckcluck1215

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    OK!do you know about the warriors cats by Erin hunter?
  7. I've never read them, but I know the basic premise. (Cats, clans, tension developing into outright warfare, some romance, spies, plotting, ect.)
  8. Cluckcluck1215

    Cluckcluck1215 Overrun With Chickens

    Pretty much.well, I'm a reading freak with them and I love them very much.im making my own book somewhat like it.im not going to publish it, just wright it for g
  9. Fluffers

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    im not into that stuff, but sounds like you are doing very well! i'm into writing graphic novels, but not serious ones, comedy.
    when i was in 2nd grade i was writing a graphic novel, i dont mean to brag, (i don't like bragging) but i thought it was pretty good for a second grader, it lasted 22-23 (all the pages were double-sided) pages and i messed up and got mad, so i threw it away. in the summer before 4th grade . the main characters were Ninja Chicken and Quackers. Quackers was a duck that was a ninja but didn't want to be called ninja duck. they were on a mission to stop evil eagle. i left off where they escaped Evil Eagle's layer. i have to admit, some of the speech bubbles were backwards, but it was still funny if you read it right :D Someday i wish to rewrite Ninja Chicken, but i have had writer's block for a few years :(
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  10. Ninja chicken is REAL?
    I mean, I know he's not real, but I didn't know he was an actual character rather than just a figment of your chickens' imagination. That's so cool! I can't draw anything!
    Is quackers a partner or sidekick?

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