Cluckville Hen House - Under Construction


5 Years
Apr 19, 2014
My Coop
My Coop

Roof is on and fenced in run is up and the girls are moved in. Still have to finish the nest and ramps and also trim around doors and windows. Finally caught the roo after two days of chasing it around the yard. And he is taking good care of the gals,
Here are a few pics of the progress....

My crew taking a break

The walls are up and temporary door is on

Fence going up...
My other construction hand "Freckles" checking the fence line

Couldn't move the pit from hell so I had to run the fence around it... it's welded to the 2' pipe and concreted was poured into the pipe. Going to have to borrow a tractor to get it out.

Fence the roof

temporary nest and roost. ready to move the girls in. The squares at the bottom of wall is where the nest will be. I think I will leave the floor bare so much easier to clean, just gonna paint it.

First roof panel on...trying to beat the rain

Door/ramp to fenced backyard not done yet.

Door/ ramp view from inside to 21' x 7' fenced run

Nest already being used...They love the cushion

Meet the crew...
Left: "Mrs. Chicken" aka... Blackie
Middle: "Whitey"
Right: "Mr. Chicken" aka... The ******* Roo

Girls already found a place to take a dust bath.
They love the ashes I cleaned out of the old pit.

I will update as I get further along....

Well today was nest box day and since me and the better half were off, we got busy. Glad she was there cause she kept me from screwing it all up. lol Here are some pics

Had to beat the rain this afternoon, so had to temporally put the top on. Now all I have to do is get the hinges on and put in the slide in dividers. Install the felt paper and roll roofing and let the girls enjoy...
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