Clumping together despite the heat

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    So, this post is prompted by all the stories of folks losing their chickens to the heat despite all precautions. Temps will be climbing up to the triple digits by Thursday. So, today, even though it was about 90 in the shade, and some of the girls were panting, they were still all clumped up next to each other. Wouldn't you think they'd want some distance? They do this in the coop at night as well - practically piled up on top of each other even though they have plenty of room. (They are between 13 and 14 weeks and there are just 4 of them if that makes a difference).
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    You might try giving them a covered hidey hole type area. I cover 1/2 the brooder ( I know yours are older) because they seem to like it better then the scarey wire only top. Maybe if your girls had some spots they felt more protected and secure they wouldn't do the security huddle. Of course I could be completely off base and they might have tons of cozy spots. If that's the case then all I can offer is [​IMG] and imagine me saying "chickens" in the same tone many of us say "kids" who can ever hope to understand either animal. [​IMG]

    ETA: Last year when we had over a week of high 90's and low 100's (crazy, crazy hot for around here, it was in the low 70's the week before) I set up a mister for my girls and they reall liked it.
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