Clyde is aggressive and Bonnie is when they are together.

Discussion in 'Geese' started by greenleader, Dec 13, 2013.

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    Jun 1, 2013
    We have Bonnie & Clyde a pair of Ebdems, they looked fully grown and were bought as a pair but they have not yet mated (as we have seen) and our friend has a younger pair that are at it like rabbits.
    We love the Geese very much but Clyde is so aggressive with the hens and ducks, we hate having to isolate them but have to consider the rest of our flocks, it is a matter of luck he hasnt caused an injury beyound de-feathering. He runs rings around our cock chuck who vainly tries to defend his gals. Only poultry he backs away from are the Guinea Fowl and they are aggressive with the chucks but not the ducks.
    Not sure if Clyde sees himself asa human, he adores my wife and nibbles her and tries to mate with her. We expect great things from the Geese come spring. They have access to a small pond in their isolation pen and a huge pond when we isolate the duks (4 runners and 4 Bulgarian mute Ducks). It is horrible to have to isolate them but as sonn as you walk away they are after the chucks and ducks.
    Has anyone else had probs with Geese aggressive to other fowl?
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    I don´t have emdens, I have pilgrim-type which are generally calmer, and I only see them get get a bit tetchy with my ducks and chickens when I´m feeding them and they want their goslings to get to the food. Oh, and when the ducks are mating in the water they get a bit excited. Otherwise, no problems. Interesting though what you said about the gander and your wife. It sounds like he´s imprinted on humans. If he is, that could prove to be a little difficult. Did you buy them from a breeder? Or a bird dealer who may have just put them together?
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    What part of the USA are you in? reason asking I have an Embden gander and a Toulouse goose and mating this year didn't start till Jan. so might be one reason you haven't seen any mating. How old are they? could also make a difference maybe more mature the longer till mating. [Just guessing on that one] and my gander does get a bit testy with the chickens and ducks he likes to keep them all away from his mate but so far nothing more serious than dropping his head and chasing them. Do you let your flock free range or are they all penned up together, this time of year would probably not be good idea to have the geese with the rest of your flock as you have found out geese are very temperamental during mating season and right before it starts. best to let them have their own space, once breeding season is over then they will calm down. Ganders should not be allowed to nibble and try to mate with a human they can cause injury to the person and are not learning to have respect for their leader which ya'll are suppose to be. Nibbling turns into biting later on and believe me that hurts.


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