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    Well so far so 4 White Silkies aren't murdering my 2 little blue/gray silkies...{ I still don't know the difference between blue and gray}[​IMG]
    I have been putting graybell and pepper into a cat carrier in the coop at night:jumpy however when we let them all out in the morning our head honcho:cd Moe whacks all the that out of frustration that he cannot get at the younger 2 over night??? or is he just being mean to everyone???after 2 weeks the two groups have finally gotten to co-exsist under the asperagras where it is shady and comfy...but they don't really live together! there is always a foot or so space between them...the 4 whites are not always picking on the 2 little ones if they come to close now...there is so much on this forum...thanks for being here...[​IMG] Pam
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    are the LITTLE ones close to same size? If so I would let them be together and establish thier own pecking order. A couple of whacks upside the head never hurt anyone(other than a nervous twich once in a while I think I turned out ok). Once they have established order they should all exist together with no problems. If problems do continue you can always make soup.
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    They are maybe 3 weeks younger than the whites...Moe the alpha male is much bigger than these 2 little ones...the biggest gray is almost as large as the smallest white Minny... I have let them all free range in the garden so the little ones can run away when the whites look threatening...they are sharing water... and during the day time they let the babies into the coop for grower I guess we are improving...I just hate to see them beat up...[​IMG]
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    Quote:I think your cure for everything is making soup [​IMG]
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    I put my buff silkies in with one white much older then them. I used a carrier at night for the buffs for about 3 nights. After that they all seemed great. I gave them lots of melon and tomatoes to share the first week and they all sleep together at night now.

    I just hope my white isn't babying the buffs and its holding her off from laying... but they are all quite a sight to watch them follow one another in a perfect little line in the mornings. [​IMG]

    Silkies are just so cute and naturally mothering.

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