Coarse sawdust, okay for chicken coop?

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  1. farmerbrowne

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    Howdy I have a neighbor who has an old saw mill (circular saw type) and it produces a ton of very coarse sawdust about a 1/16" pieces and was wondering if I could use is as bedding seeing as it is not fine particles like you would get from a table saw. I know it is all spruce as well. I get wood shavings from him now but only when he planes wood which isn't often as he mainly cuts rough lumber. I thought the coarse stuff would be similar to corn cob for bedding.
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    I've used it before with similar results as shavings. The only thing I couldn't use it for was day-old chicks, as they liked to peck at it and eat it...

    If you are able to get it from your neighbor for free, I would definitely use it! Where I live, I pay $7.50 for a 3cf bag of that type of sawdust!
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    It will make nice bedding for them
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    Thank you everyone! Its nice to know that I can use it!!
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    Thanks for asking this question- I use sawdust from local sawmill @ $5 per small dumpster for under the roosts and in the houses. I never thought of using it for bedding though! I've been using sawdust for the past year (not with chicks until they go into the 'big chicken' coop) and the funniest thing was when the russian orloff juveniles were afraid to roosts the first night because of the sawdust under them:) The next night all was fine.

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