Cocci in adult female chickens

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  1. bdessinger

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    Jul 7, 2008
    Still trying to figure out what is wrong with my chicken.

    I have a adult chicken about 9 months old. Is it possible that she MIGHT have Cocci from what I have read this seems to be a young bird disease. Once the pullets build up imunity is that correct?

    weather has been 70-90 degrees last couple weeks.

    I'm thinking it MIGHT be vitamin A deffiency? I feed them organic Layer feed.

    will not eat or drink for at least one day. Since I have seen isolated her. I have forced her electrolyts diluted

    So, updated from last night.

    I have started her on a general antibotic today.

    combs and wattles are pale

    chicken is lathargic

    I can pick her up but she will not leave the cage on her own.

    One eye she usually keeps closed seems very tired all the time. One eye kinda cloudy

    I have collected some stool no blood that I can see, stool is pretty foul smelling not sure if it's just because it stinks or parisite. Stool consists of white, green and brown all differnt sections if that makes sense one part white, one part green, one part brown all in once clump.

    I have checked her vent (not really knowing what I might be looking for but looks normal.

    a few days ago before I figured out she was sick I did get a egg from the flock that had a pale yolk didn't really think anything of it till now.

    they do free range in my yard so worms could be possible. In reading the small hairlike worms would be the ones I would be most concerned about. but from what I read vitamin a would get rid of them?

    any other info would be helpful.

    biggest concern right now she is not eating or drinking.
  2. d.k

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    *Doesn't sound like cocci. Parasite is a possibility-- but unless they are obvious in the droppings, you'll need a fecal float to be sure. Vitamin A doesn't stop parasites that I've ever heard. Pumpkin seeds MAYBE. Has she been panting?? What brand is your feed?? WHAT ABOUT crop feel?? And, what else might they have access to in the yard??
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  3. dlhunicorn

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    Jan 11, 2007
    vitamins wont get rid of worms ... you need a wormer for that . If it were me I would have put this bird on ivomec Eprinex...that will get most every worm except tape and will help with lice/mites too. Read about it here:

    The vitamins I suggested (polyvisol Enfamil) will ensure against any deficiencies of the most common type which occur with ill birds.
  4. bdessinger

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    Jul 7, 2008
    Possible panting I can't really tell thought, she opens her beak a little. I don't know the brand of feed I have been using I get it at the feed store I know what the bag looks like but I just put the last bag in the bin.

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