cocci in chick deaths?

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    Sep 4, 2008
    Just lost 2 of my little 5 week old banty chicks this mornng and not sure why. They have been inside since day old. From a rescued "wild" mom - I left 2 babies in cage with her and took 12 to try to bond with.
    They have been healthy and active until now - eating only med chick starter. Kept inside and have never been outside yet.
    There are about 3 or 4 more who feel cooler than the others to me; they don't seem to be breathing differently, but they are somewhat lethargic. They feel "lighter" when I pick them up, too.
    I put a heating pad under the bottom of the cage in addition to the 100 watt bulb they have had for the past couple of weeks. I fed them yogurt this morning and some hard bolied egg in addition to the starter several times today. I sprinkled DE on the starter, the yogurt and the egg. I hadn't given them any up until today. I put Polyvisol vitamins in their water thinking that anything might be better than nothing....maybe not actually the case. There is poo that I wouldn't call bloody but it is different - runny and a dark brown - could be qualified bloody I guess -
    I have no experience with cocci and don't know where it would have even come from...their mom was a wild chicken that a farmer friend 'rescued' - he has a bunch of chickens that are cast-offs from other folks that live on his farm wild. Could/would it be possible for this to lie dormant from hatch and just now show up? I do have 8 chickens that are in an outside coop, with the wild mom and her 2 babies in a seperate cage acclimating to the herd (after keeping them apart for a little over a month) - none of them seem to be showing any signs that I can tell - altho I have been getting 1 egg from each of them for a week now and today I only got 2 eggs. I'm at a loss!

    I haven't actually seen which ones are responsible for the poo yet - my biggest problem is that my mom just had heart surgery yesterday morning, is in ICU and I am spending majority of the day with her and am not able to watch the babies like I need to. This is just not a good time for me to have chick problems. [​IMG]
    I don't have any of the antibiotics that I am reading I need to treat with - only have a pkg of Terramycin that I purchased for a previous problem and didn't need. I can't get anything tonight but I do have a good Tractor Supply that carries most of what I've read on here for other problems...should I seperate the ones who are acting differently from the ones who seem to be fine? Should I wait and watch for who poos?

    I'm really hoping you can steer me in the right direction.
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    Teramyacin (or another soluble antibiotic) in the water... NOW!

    Keep the brooder clean.
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    Sep 4, 2008
    "I disinfected the brooder this morning before I left for the hospital - should I do again tonight?" she asked as she scratched her head wondering how much of the Terramycin to put in a gal of water.

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