Cocci in the brooders, just treat everyone?

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  1. Hi! I moved a group of chicks to the outside brooder and they didn't mix well with the chicks there already --- got pushed to the perimeters, got chilled and got what looked like coccidiosis. I lost several and brought the young survivors back inside to recoup.

    Today, I saw a bloody dropping in one of the inside brooders.
    I have Sulmet, but have never needed to use it.
    Should I give it to all the chicks at the dosage of 1 TBS per gallon of water?
    There are about 60 brooder-babies in the spare room and a couple of ducklings.
    Can the d'lings have 'Sulmet water'? Are they even susceptible to cocci?

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    I am sorry I don't know but I can bump this up to the top for you.

    Maybe someone will see it and know. [​IMG]
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    BUMP some one who nows please help

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    Hey lisa! As far as I know, yes, ducklings are able to get coccidiosis... " Coccidiosis is primarily a problem in chickens and turkeys, though on rare occasions it may be found in flocks of ducks and geese...Coccidia are host specific; that is, those that affect chickens do no affect turkeys." (Storey's Guide to Raising Poultry) Just hope it helps!
    " The type of protozoan causing the disease in ducks is different from those causing the problem in chickens and turkeys, but control and treatment are the same as for other species of birds"
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    Here is treatment for ducks:
    Coccidiosis, Intestinal, of Ducks and Geese

    Young ducks and geese may suffer from Eimeria spp infection. In the goose E. anseris is the most important, while in ducks Tyzzeria perniciosa is most pathogenic. Tyzerria has eight sporocysts in each oocyst, compared to four per oocyst for Eimeria. Coccidiosis occurs only very rarely in commercially reared ducks in the UK.


    Sudden death.
    Blood-stained vent.
    Tucked appearance.
    Post-mortem lesions

    Massive haemorrhage in upper small intestine.
    Signs, lesions, microscopic examination of scrapings (usually few or no oocysts, large number of merozoites). Differentiate from Duck viral hepatitis, Duck viral enteritis, anatipestifer.
    Sulphonamides (e.g. Sulphadimidine 30-600gm/100 birds/day, 3 days on, 2 days off, 3 days on), Amprolium, Vitamins A and K in feed or water.
  6. Thank you for the info.
    I lost 7 from one brooder last night. I'm not sure how they can get cocci while they are eating medicated feed, but maybe the Sulmet will work.
    Thanks again,
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    Oh, I'm sorry to hear that Lisa!! Best of wishes for the rest!
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    My ducks and geese all carry coccidiossis (verified through regular fecals) but none have ever died from it or even appeared remotely sick. Waterfowl are very resistant to Cocci. But, since they carry it, their droppings can effect your chickens. So yes, do treat your chickens. All the coccidiostats are antibiotics, so be sure to monitor any withdrawal period before eating the birds or their eggs.

    Also, remember if one chicken gets it, they inevitabely will all be affected. Don't think you did anything wrong, though. The oocysts can lay dormant in the soil for many years before infecting something that happens along.

    Finally, for my farm and plans, I have elected to not treat for Coccidiossis ever. I want a flock which is naturally resistant from which I'll do my breeding. This does mean I have to let some chickens die from it; but in the long run my flock health will continue to increase.
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    Coccida is host specific..coccida found in Ducks does not effect chickens. I would be careful with the sulmet, As the ducks will consume more than the chicks, overdosing is really easy
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    Lisa keep us informed how they are doing. I hope you have caught it in time. [​IMG] [​IMG]

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