Coccidiosis and Corid advice

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    May 27, 2016
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    Wish my first post here was more joyful.

    I have a batch of 100 Freedom Rangers who have been battling coccidiosis. I started seeing problems at about three weeks and immediately started them in a Corid water regimen, 9.5 cc/gal of water for five days. I lost three and considered myself extremely lucky.

    I did the second round 14 days later, same dosage, for five days. All seemed well and they are all out on pasture at this point.

    Unfortunately, almost immediately after ending the second round of Corid they started dying again. I have lost four in the last few days, and currently have three in the infirmary. The rest seem healthy but at this point I'm dreading going out to the pen in the morning.

    Is there any negative to giving them a third round at the same dosage? Or what would you suggest? I'm going to switch out their waterers to nipple feeders, and they are on pasture which should provide a relatively un-chicken-poop contaminated environment (can't do much about wild birds but one would think the Corid would address that).

    Any help would be appreciated. My flocks are usually extremely healthy, I've not dealt with deaths like this before.

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