Coccidiosis and fertile eggs

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Sep 1, 2016
I need to confirm a few things and ask some specific questions.

I have two 6 week pullets that came to me 2 weeks ago. They have symptoms of coccidiosis, or at least one of them does. There is some bloody mucous poop, not always. At first I freaked out, then decided to do some research. The next I day figured that I had better treat them and maybe the rest of the flock.

They have been completely isolated from the flock from day one, EXCEPT that a few days before any symptoms I put a dog kennel that they had been in out on the back porch and two hens went in and checked things out before I caught them and moved it away from that area. The quarantine was just a formality, I didn't really believe anything would go wrong. One of those was found dead today.

I had started the youngsters on Corid liquid and was still deciding about the rest when this happened. So everyone is offered only medicated water and the coop is being cleaned.

Before I move to my real problem, I need to confirm the course of treatment. I have read 3-4 days and also 7 days both with a repeat. So how long should I continue the medicated water?

Should I toss all the eggs that were laid before treatment began? I feel like I want to.

Now my real concern. I have a hen sitting on 7 eggs due Saturday or Sunday. I moved the flock to a temporary enclosure to deal with their coop but I haven't moved her. I am afraid to disturb the eggs while I clean. How long can they be uncovered? Will I damage them if I move them to a basket or something while I give the coop a good cleaning? Will the chicks die as soon as they are exposed to the world and the cocci? If she is treated with dosed water for 7 days, the chicks will hatch before she is finished with her treatment. Can they drink her water? Is that safe or maybe even good? I am not sure how much she even drinks, she may get sicker and sicker because she isn't receiving much medicine.

I bought a cheap little chicken run that I had planned to either put in the coop around her nest to keep the chicks safe from the flock, or put on the garage floor and move her and the eggs there. Which would be better?

Glenda Heywoodo

Dec 19, 2016
Cassville Missouri
(2) I looked every where and nothing is said about fertile hatching eggs from hens with coccidiosis. It also says you can eat the eggs from hens that have had coccidiosis.
(3) dealing with the setting hen is going to be difficult. Why can't you put the run around her now and clean out and around.
Otherwise you will need to get a box and put new bedding in it and set the hen in the box and immediately transfer the eggs under her, then do not take her or the eggs out of the new box but take and move her where you want her and clean the coop.
Leave her there till she hatches.
In the meantime you will have to eventually that day cut the opening to the box so she can get food and water.
As the hens usually only eat and drink and defecate once a day while setting. I would leave the box untouched after moving it at least two hours so she gets used to moving.
Once she is moved then give her the medicated water. for the 7 days.

Just Us Girls

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Sep 1, 2016
Okay! This is good stuff. You both have got me thinking now.

The portable box is a brilliant idea, so simple and flexable. If I ever do the setting eggs thing again I will put mom in a movable nest immediately.

Leaving her in the coop is also my first choice. So the box thing gave me an idea that seems workable. I will put a piece of cardboard over her nest opening so I won't disturb or scare her too much. Then I can clean just about everything else except the bedding she is on. I will be able to pull out the perch and sweep and scrape and even scoot the nest boxes a little and get behind them. I can arrange the little run thing around her box, so when I remove the cardboard she will be enclosed with fresh shavings, food and water.

About the medicated water: is it safe for newly hatched to drink from it? By this time she will have had acess to the corid (though drinking little) for four days. Maybe I should go back to fresh water and give medicated chick starter to her and them for a while.

Thank you, guys, so much. Yesterday everything was so overwhelming. Today I have a plan.

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