Coccidiosis and how do you treat your laying hens?

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    I'm suspicious that I may have hens with coccidiosis based on a couple acting lethargic and the poops I'm seeing. I would like to treat my flock for this. How would you best treat a flock of laying hens? I'd like to hear what medications, etc.. you have experience with as well as withdrawl times for the eggs for consumption.
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    9.5 cc of liquid 9.6% Corid per gallon of water or 10 cc, which is so close. I would say t 2-4 weeks, jus to be safe a month after treatment. Before I'd consume the eggs. Hope this helps.
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    There is no withdrawal time with Corid (Amprolium). There is a fairly wide safety margin of use with Corid. 9.6% liquid is 2 tsp per gallon, and the 20% powder is 1 to 1.5 tsp per gallon of water for treatment of symptoms. Do it for 7 days, making a fresh drinking solution each morning and let that be the only source of drinking water for birds. Follow up after the last day of treatment with poultry vitamin-electrolyte-probiotic powder in waterers for 3 days.
    Vitamin and Probiotic Plus are both excellent products made by ASP:

    If you have not wormed your birds, it would be a good idea to do so if they are through moulting.
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    3 z of liquid per gallon of water for 6 days. I put 6oz in 2 gallons of water and left them locked in the chicken yard till water was all gone about a week. That cleared everything up, but I disposed of all the eggs for 3 weeks after treatment. I think its best to treat everybody at the same time. My little Ms. Green an Americauna had a serious case of cocci, after a week of treatment she looked and felt so much better.
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