coccidiosis? baby chick died this morning, please help


10 Years
Nov 7, 2009
woke this morning to find my baby booted bantam rosie dead, really upsetting i only got her & rir peggy last week, av got 2 10 month old partridge wyandottes and wanted to add to my flock, luckily i kept them both seperated from my wyandottes as advised on here,but now am worried about my rir what treatment should i try some say apple cider vinegar, some coxoid solution, please advise, now rosie has gone and ive looked coccidiosis up, she showed the signs but i didn't recognise it she kept huddling up to peggy and peeping i just thought she was missing her mum, i cant help rosie now but i need to help peggy now so please advise i dont wanna get it wrong,

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