Coccidiosis??? Corid question.


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Apr 20, 2015
I have a two week old BR. She has been perfect until yesterday. She started dropping her wings and became lethargic.

I had been doing the Corid treatment as a prevention in their water since they came home. However, I didn't know that giving them vitamins with it makes it not work. I had been putting the Sav A Chick electrolyte and vitamin packet in. I have stopped that and just now only gave fresh water with ACV and the severe Corid dose. I put 1/2 tsp for a quart. I also heard that I could give her a drop by mouth. How often do you do this? She didn't want to go to the water so I made mashed crumbles with the Corid water. Anything else I can do? She had NO other symptoms. Thank you so much for any advice you may give. Don't want to loose the whole flock

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