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Oct 7, 2009
i have purchased the corid as suggested for the bloody stools we are having with the girls. can anyone help on dosing? the label only gives calve dosages. and have people had better luck with putting it in the water or individual dosing. could you do both? i have a few really sick girls. thanks. i am holding my breath waiting to hear from all of you. i dont know what i would do if i had not found this site.
I dont know the dosage sorry but if you give them powdered milk in their feed and a mash of starter feed and buttermilk this will help a lot and you can do it with the corrid as an extra boost. The milks coat the intestines where the sores are and help stop the bleeding.
1tspn. per gal of water for 5 days, or 1/2 tspn. for 21 days. I would use the 5 day treatment.
When I have a few very sick chicks down with cocci I individually dose them, and I also put the Corid in the communal water. I've noticed that the very sick chicks won't drink much on their own, so they won't get enough Corid.

I also put organic ACV in their water with the corid, and I mix them mash with powdered milk in it.

I sometimes hand feed the sickest chicks the mash mixed with some of the Corid/ACV water also.

The Corid blocks the absorption of a certain vitamin...I think it's a B after they are on 10mg of Corid/per gallon for 5-7 days, I then stop Corid, keep doing ACV, and I put a drop or two of baby vitamins on each beak once a day. (The kind without extra iron, of course!)
I'm also treating my flock with Corid for cocci. Started yesterday. So, I CAN put the ACV in their drinking water with the Corid?? I've been wondering about that since it has so many benefits. Thanks!!

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