Coccidiosis hit week old chicks...nutrition question.


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Have had chickens for over 10 years now, raising chicks each year (because I have an addiction...) and this is the first time I've been hit hard by coccidiosis. Moved my 2nd batch of 9 chicks outside into my grow-out coop/kennel (adjacent to the big chicken run and coop so they can get adjusted to each other gradually). I had just integrated my older group of chicks with the big girls a week prior, cleaned kennel coop out and moved the younger (7 week old) group in on Wednesday, June 3rd. Six days later, this past Monday I noticed the bloody diarrhea and lethargic chicks--totally different demeanor compared to the first five days in their new, expanded home. Did my research, went to TSC and began the Corid treatment in their water. Even dipped each chicks beak into the water to ensure they all had a little.
First death was Monday afternoon. Read more and decided to do the non-diluted oral drench of Covid in addition to the water treatment. Just made sure they each had swallowed a couple of drops orally.
Tuesday morning, 7am, the remaining 8 were still alive...went to check them before lunch and change their water...found three more dead. 3pm, 2 more dead.
In less than 24 hours I lost 6 of my chicks. Not a very good day. Did a second Corid drench to the remaining 3 chicks.
Wednesday morning, 7am, found #7 had died during the night. Lost 7 chicks in about 36 hours.
Thursday (today) I was relieved to find the last to still hanging in there...cautiously optimistic that they might survive, however not holding my breath. They are more alert but still doze off, still lethargic (just not immobile). Not eating or drinking much, seem to be quite fatigued--assuming that's due to the disease zapping their energy, not getting much/any nutrition? They are interested in some fresh picked greens I'd bring them, eating what I'd tear off into small pieces, but I'm sure that will not strengthen them much.

My main question after this long there any food I might try to feed them that would help strengthen them to continue this fight? I did cook some egg for them, no interest at all. I just want to do whatever I can to give them a fighting chance. They have free access to Flockraiser crumbles and were on the Purina medicated chickstarter for the first few weeks (50lb bag).

My second question is, their enclosed kennel/coop (it's about 7'x12') is inside of my big main fenced run (it's maybe 40' x 50'?) so they share the fence. Would you suggest I treat the big girls water with Corid also as a precaution? I have 31 total in the large area, including the older (surviving chicks) and am a bit paranoid right now. Thought maybe treating the older birds might help reduce the parasite population a little? I was thinking of the 3 day treatment in their water and then do a repeat treatment in 2 weeks. Obviously they have developed resistance to the nasty creatures, and the older chicks have also (they are 6-8 weeks older), but I'm wondering.

Thanks for sharing your expertise...

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May 8, 2020
I would recommend giving the big girls corid just in case. I think it would be a good precaution. Continue to keep an eye on the chicks and big girls for any signs though.

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