Coccidiosis in 5 week old Chick on Medicated Starter Grower. Questions?

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    Once again I am coming to the more experienced chicken keepers[​IMG]
    My 5 wk. old Lavender Aracauna is showing symptoms of Coccidiosis. Yesterday, I noticed loose stool with blood in it. She's isolated now and crying for her 4 hatch mates. it's really heartbreaking.

    I've dealt with Coccidisis before in chicks, but then I wasn't feeding medicated food. What, if anything, is safe to give her with the medicated feed? Kocci Free, Amprol, ??? She's perked up since last night, but still having loose stool. I've been giving her Nutri-Drench (by mouth), probiotics, electrolytes. She's always been very strong and confident. I don't want to lose her. She's the only one that hatched out of 12.

    Help please! My biggest concern right now is the medicated feed and giving her something else like one of the products for treating coccidiosis. She's up and around, wanting really badly to figure her way out of the brooder. She's walking, eating and drinking, although she did drink a lot last night, not interested in eating then. Also, last night she just wanted to stay under the Brinsea. Today she just wants to sit on the Brinsea, practice he flying lessons, find an escape route.
    She's been eating a lot today and drinking normally. I think I may be able to turn this around if I have something to give her.

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    Go ahead, and place her back with her hatchmates, and start them all on Corid (amprollium) in their water for 5 days. The amount of amprollium in their feed is not enough to overdose them on top of Corid. It's best to always treat them together, so that you won't have each one getting sick. Just keep their bedding clean and dry by stirring it daily and adding fresh pine shavings. Straw or hay do not make good bedding for chicks since it holds in moisture.

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