Coccidiosis or something else? Hen is acting tired and hasn't eaten or drank since popping out of th

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    Hi. Sadly, the only time I actually get on here is when there's an emergency. I'm not sure if this one is, so bare with me:

    This morning one of my hens -- she's a crossed-with-who-knows-what yearling -- came out of the house. But she walked slowly, almost tiredly, and when I scattered the corn, she only looked at it with subtle interest as she walked away from the coop. She continued to walk all slow and uninterested until she pooped. It looks green and a little runny. Then she went over to a concrete slab where they sometimes stand to warm up or get out of the wind, and she's just standing there.

    My hens have had coccidiosis before, but I don't vividly remember ALL the symptoms or how to treat it. Can somebody give me some help?
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    I would bring her inside and set her up in a dog crate with some towels and maybe a heating pad under her or something. Monitor food and water intake. If she has gone off her food and water, you'll need to start tube feeding her to keep her hydrated enough to heal (tube feeding is easy). If you have a kitchen scale, you can use that to keep track of her weight. Keeping her confined will make it easier to check her poops and take the stress off her from being around other birds.

    I would also run a round of Corid in everyone's water for sure if it's been a while since you did it to treat/prevent coccidiosis.

    When was the last time you wormed your flock? Do all the other droppings look normal? Do you see anything red on the dropping board?

    Does she feel like she's lost weight? How is her crop? Any drainage from the eyes or nostrils? Has she been laying eggs?

    Perhaps offering boiled egg would help to see if she will eat at all. If she gobbles it up, offer with her usual ration.

    A picture always helps!

    Please keep us updated if any new symptoms appear.

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